Love: Avoiding Conformity

All of us just want to fit in, but fitting in does not mean conforming. Many believe that the only way to fit in is to be the same as everyone else, creating this army of robots. However, the reality is, the world would not run properly if everyone was the same. Think of it this way if we all were sports junkies, we would have no variety. There would be no music, no art, no stories, and no food because all we like is sports. By conforming we are really just hiding our wonderful talents from the world and creating a boring place. So you cant afford the latest and greatest trends of UGGS and Lulu’s, that’s perfectly fine start your own trend. If the entire world dressed completely the same there would only be a few trends, a few stores and a few designers, and well we would all be broke. By allowing our uniqueness to show and adding our own flare in not only how we dress, but act, talk, write or create we allow for a more accepting and diverse world. By standing out we offer room for others to fit in, through acceptance.

How to ensure to avoid conforming.

  • Stand out: don’t try so hard to be like everyone else
  • Be yourself: don’t let looks, opinions, or whispers change who you are
  • Be confident: if you are confident in who you are no one will try to bring you down
  • Have Pride: pride yourself in getting up each morning and being who you are
  • Feel Beautiful: like Christina said, “you are beautiful no matter what they say”
  • Avoid Peer Pressure: just because your friends act or dress one way does not mean you have to, and if they force you to, they aren’t that great of friends in the first place.

If you have any other tips on how to avoid conformity feel free to comment, Id love to hear what you guys think.




Welcome Fellow Bloggers

to a day in the life of me. I’ll start off with an introduction, you can call me Elle, for the sake of this blog and my anonymity. I am 20 years old and love writing, fitness and social media. So hell I thought I’d put it all together on this snazzy little site. So here goes nothing. To you I may just be another boring blogger but to others I may be a voice giving inspiration, motivation and advice. So I hope to help encourage those of you who read this to stay fit and healthy. However, my focus is not just on a healthy body, but as well a healthy mind. As one who has suffered from depression like symptoms, and has hit rock bottom more than once, I want to help lift you all up from that. Guide you to a new way to live and a new mindset in which to live through. All in all I’m just a girl who has suffered for far to long not to share how I made my way through it. If you care to read more follow my blog, as well as my instagram for recipes and other fitness and health motivation. @livelovefitspire