Disorder without a cure : The constant battle with mental illness

Mental illnesses are one of the hardest things to conquer.

Imagine waking up and having to fight your mind to keep yourself alive. When the voice in your head features a death wish, or other hatred of yourself. Imagine your only enemy being yourself. That’s what it’s like to live with a mental illness, and they don’t understand.

The number of times I’ve heard get over it, or stop being a baby or you’re crazy or insane is far too many. People think that we choose this life, that we choose to be different, unstable and emotional. We don’t, just like Cancer or Parkinson’s it’s not a choice. The only choice we have is to get help, which they also think is a piece of cake but it isn’t.

Mental illness is a long hard struggle that many face and overcoming it if that is an option is hard, and dealing with it is just as hard. You try therapy, friends, blogs, reaching out to those who are like you, doctors, psychiatrists, hospitalization, and medicine but here you are still struggling.

I found the video above to be a perfect way of describing it to someone. It resonated with me so I thought I’d share for any of you struggling to put it in to words. Stay strong and know that there are others like you out there .