Blogging: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

To My Fellow Bloggers;

No I will never claim to be a well spoken blogger, because hey I just started. However, blogging is a skill that can be crafted throughout years of ones blogging. Though I have not been a blogger for long, I have noticed from mine and others work things to do to improve my blog, as well as things not to do.

First things first,

bold, and italicize are your friends.

Do not be afraid to put emphasis where it is needed, nothing is more boring in a blog than reading something with no separation between excitement, titles, and just regular information.


Ensure you separate your ideas, just because your whole blog is about tasty recipes does not mean it should be listed one by one, add spacing and new paragraphs for new branches of the topic, so meatloaf should be a different paragraph than berry smoothies.

Keep the reader interested

Nothing is worse than reading a blog that says everything about the blog in the title or first sentence, in order to keep the reader there go through the blog slowly separating each idea throughout the blog rather than summarizing in the beginning.

Be interactive

Offer your audience a way of participating in the blog whether it be through comments, suggestions or reporting back to you on how your recipe for example worked for them, this allows the reader to feel like their input matters.


Spice up your blog by adding your own photos, songs, videos or links to emphasis or illustrate your topic. This helps to break up the writing and allows the viewer a sense of what you are talking about.


You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again there is nothing lower than stealing someones ideas and playing them off as your own. Give credit where credits deserved, no one likes a thief.


Do not ramble, explain your topic, include examples but know when to stop, Keep your ideas short and sweet. Not only will they be more interesting but easier for the reader to follow.


Spelling mistakes happen, but spell check was invented for a reason. Ensure to edit your blog, no one likes to read something by someone who didn’t have the time to check their spelling.

Unclear Topics

Be sure to emphasize what it is your post is about, and carry the topic throughout the post. Avoid switching focus halfway through.


Ensure you know what you are going to say in your blog and what the purpose of it is, you need to be clear with your information and leave the reader with the feeling that they learned and/or gained something from reading your blog.

Well there are just a few of the tips I have to share, if you have any others to add feel free to leave a comment. Keep blogging!



Live: Goal Setting

If you haven’t learned already you will learn soon enough that goal setting is a huge part of life, And a key factor to living a healthy lifestyle . Why, you may ask; well in this blog I am going to go into the importance of goal setting and time frames. I have attended university and am now attending college and goal setting is one of the things I’ve found most important not only in school, but in everyday life. Goals allow us as human beings, to grow and succeed in life as a whole. By setting a goal we can improve ourselves inside and out.

But what is a goal?

A goal is progress you expect or hope to achieve in a set amount of time. Now there are two types of goals; one being short term and the other being long term. A short term goal is a goal made to be achieved in a short amount of time this could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. Long term goals as you can guess are goals to be achieved in, yep, you guessed it, a long amount of time; this can be anywhere from a few years to a few decades. There is no certain range in which either of these categories hold, however, long term goals are usually something that takes years to achieve.

For example; a short term goal I myself have created is to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. Here I have chosen what I want to do and set a time frame but it is also good to state how you plan to achieve this goal as well. Therefore, I plan to do this through daily exercise, and eating healthy.

Note I am not saying I will be dieting. To lose weight you do not need to go to extremes cutting meals in half or skipping meals, you can achieve it by simply substituting unhealthy foods for healthier alternatives. Starving yourself is not the answer.

A long term goal I have is to blog more often I do not have a specific time frame which is also okay, because it is a goal I hope to keep up with and pursue continuously throughout my life. I hope to blog at least 3 times a week and I plan to achieve this by using the spare time I have commuting to blog.

You may be thinking to yourself right now, but how can this lead to a healthy lifestyle?

Answer, Simple by organizing you life into goals and creating plans for the future this can not only promote motivation to achieve these things but as well aid in stress relief. So do yourself a favour grab a sheet of paper, a computer or even your calendar and write your goal, how you are going to achieve it and your deadline and relief yourself of unnecessary stress and create a much more successful lifestyle. I’d love to see the goals you guys have created for yourself as well so feel free to post yours in the comments below and share your success stories once you deadline is up! I will keep you posted on mine also, come Christmas 🙂


Love: Candles, Tea and Happiness

The other day I purchased 2 candles and a pack of tea from a vendor. The candles are to bring calmness, positive energy, confidence and happiness. Each one smells different and has different qualities. The tea is chakra tea and help highlight your chakras; the one I bought being third eye. After I got home today I lit both candles and made a cup of tea and sat down to read Looking for Alaska by John Green, and I must say it was not only the most peaceful time but as well the happiest I’ve been in awhile by myself. Sitting in my chair I realized I was smiling for the first time in a long time for no good reason. Now whether it be a placebo affect or the candles and tea really work, I don’t care I’m at ease and relaxed. The place where I got these is called moonflowers magical touch, it offers crystals, candles, teas and more for different chakras and feelings. The way I feel tonight is how I’d like to feel everyday from now on I just thought I’d share my experience with these products. Amazing!



Live: To Live, not just Survive

We all know what it takes to survive; Food, Water, and Breath. But what does it take to live? For you it may be different than for me, but when it comes down to it love, friends, and happiness are the underlying supports that help all of us live. However, there really is more to it, so here’s what we are going to do. Grab a piece of paper, and write “The Key to Living” at the top. Following this you will make a list of everything that doesn’t just help you survive but allows you to live. I will post mine and as I find more things and supports i will add them to my list:

The Key to Living

  • Cats
  • Blogging
  • Journal
  • Writing
  • Gratitude
  • Bravery
  • Strength
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Take chances
  • Face your fears
  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Goals
  • Motivation
  • Purpose
  • Laughter
  • Try your hardest
  • Stay Positive
  • Don’t give up
  • Don’t hold grudges
  • Travel
  • Try something new every week

This is just a layout out of some things/ways to help me live life to its fullest rather than merely survive. If you have any suggestions/ideas to add to the list feel free to share, would love to see what helps you!


Fitspire: Strength Training Workout

I’m going to let you in on my workout of the day today. My workout was done at the gym however, if at home you can alter the workout with dumbbells, or change the weight accordingly.


My workout began with 20 minutes of mobility and soft tissue work. Using a foam roller, while lying on your back with the roller just below your shoulders reach your arms over your head and slowly move back and forth on the roller to loosen tight areas. Continue to do this all the way down your body  doing both the insides and outsides of your legs. Following this i stood against a wall with a lacrosse ball behind me and slowly moved around finding tight areas and worked to loosen them, such as shoulder areas and hips.

Warm-up: (look at previous fitspire post for general warm up)

Leg Kicks

Lunge Step

Leg & Arm Reach

Knee Swings


Deadlift- with a flat back pick up the bar (dumbbells) and stand erect, make sure to keep your arms straight and use your legs and hips to stand up. Slowly return to starting position and continue motion. Do 6 sets of 5, mine were done at 95lbs but you may vary weight accordingly.

Overhead Press- Starting with barbell (dumbbell) resting on collar bone and chin back, push weight over your head. The weight should end up behind your ears with your arms fully extended, and your head should be further forward. Repeat this exercise 6 times in sets of 5, mine were done at 35lbs, again alter accordingly.

Kettle Bell Swings- holding the kettle bell (dumbbell) in your hands bend at the knees. Keeping your chest up stand erect and swing the kettle bell up to your chest, return back to bent position. Do 6 sets of 15, mine were at 20lbs, alter accordingly.

The focus today was posterior chain and opening up the shoulders. Prior to any workout if possible use the above stretch guide to loosen up, this will help immensely with how much you can do in your workout. Again each exercise can be altered by weights, sets, or reps. Feedback and comments on the workout are always welcome.

Stay Fit Bloggers,


Love: The journey to self admiration

There are many of us out there who like ourselves, or feel alright about ourselves. However, there are very few that actually love themselves. This is one task which is not only difficult to do but as well very important. It’s easy to love and admire others for their greatness and beauty, though it is much hard to love and admire ones self.

Where do we start?

Grab a paper and make a list of problems or flaws you have with yourself. You don’t have to be overly critical but if it’s fixable (and no surgery is necessary) it should be on the list.

Some examples are: anger issues, weight, time management , organization.

What next?

Next you can write beside it ways to solve these flaws and improve. For example: workout out more, eat better and so on.

The minute you begin to love yourself is the minute everything changes.

Live: Survival of the Fittest

Today I watched a scene that while it broke my heart it made me think. Sitting at work looking outside I caught a glimpse of a tiny bird eating a living moth. As the moth struggled to get away I thought about how our entire world is truly ruled by those who are the strongest. The strongest will always win and rule. However by strongest I am not just referring to those who can bench twice their own weight, but as well the strong willed, and strong minded.

Now it is easy to figure out how to become strong physically but becoming strong mentally is far more complicated. Though I am not the strongest mentally I have learned and gathered some tips and exercises in order to become stronger. Firstly find ways to de-stress, some things I have come across to help with de-stressing are as follows:

Tea- A nice cup of tea always helps calm me down

Favourite place- Find a place you love to be and visit when stressed to help you relax

Candles- scented candles help put my mind at ease

Workout- exercising is proven to reduce stress and help with mental illness

Walk- even just going for a walk and catching some fresh air helps to clear your mind

Secondly, grab a sheet of paper and write down all 5 senses, beside each write your favourite thing to trigger those senses. For example:

Taste- Macintosh toffee (my favourite candy)

Touch- Memory foam

Sight- sunset

Smell- watermelon

Sound- ocean

By triggering other senses it allows your mind to take a break and can also help to cheer you up.

Finally write. Writing out your feelings, and thoughts can help take things off your mind, try writing a blog like me :), but if you aren’t comfortable with that write in a diary or on word just to allow yourself to rid of the poisons clogging your mind. Writing can also allow you to make changes to how you deal with things for example if you’re mad and you write and feel better, then next time while feeling the same way you can look back and see how you moved on last time.

All in all we must not get caught up in being so physically strong that we forget to keep our mental state in the same league. As Darwin stated this is the “survival of the


Favour or Flavour: the constant battle

Deciding to diet or watch what we eat is a huge decision, however for most of us its an even harder task to carry out. The problem is when we think of health we automatically assume healthy snacks and meals won’t taste as good as a Cheeseburger and Fries, but we are wrong. If eating healthy doesn’t taste good to you, then you are definitely doing it wrong. The constant battle between our stomachs and our fitness causes many of us to fall off the wagon soon after climbing aboard. Nonetheless I am going to help you find the taste you have been lacking in these healthy meals.

If you’ve ever seen or heard of Quinoa, you probably assume it’s not the greatest tasting food, well you’re right. Plain, quinoa can be kind of boring but after adding vinegar, oil, garlic and bbq sauce to it the flavour flares and is just as tasty as any food you would eat prior to your diet. Also by adding things such as olives, celery and such you can add an extra crunch to the Quinoa.

And then there’s salad, or what some may refer to as rabbit food. By adding simple things like various nuts, cheese, fruit, or vegetables you can change the flavour immensely. One of my favourites includes almonds, sunflower seeds, fresh strawberries, parmesan cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Finally there’s our basic vegetables which some of us struggle with due to lack of flavour or zest, that ends here though.  When considering mushrooms try frying them with oil and garlic, want some celery add peanut butter, and a great topping to broccoli is cheese, or cheese sauce.

These are just a few tricks to making a diet more enjoyable and easier to maintain. Now do yourself a favour and add some flavour!





Hey Guys,
So today I will post what my workout of the day was. You can alter weight, set or reps I just was limited to five pound weights at my place, but alter accordingly.


Leg Kicks -lying on your back with your hands by your side. Kick leg in the air keeping it straight. Do 10 on left leg and 10 on right.

Lunge Step– Get into a push-up position. Take one leg and step forward beside the same hand. Alternate legs back and forth doing 8 of each 16 all together.

Leg & Arm Reach– Get on all fours (crawling position). Lift your leg and opposite arm and reach up. Alternate between sides doing 10 on each side 20 all together.

Knee Swings– Lying on your back put your arms out to the side (horizontal). Bend knees and using your abdominal muscles swing your knees from side to side. Do 10 on each side making a total of 20.

Circuit 1 (3 sets):

Dead Lifts– Standing with legs slightly apart and knees bent slightly hold weights in each hand and slowly bend at the waist. Keeping your chest up and shoulders back move the weights down the front of your legs. Once as far as you can got come back up faster tightening glutes on the way up. Do 10 of these.

Hip Thrusts– Lying on your back with legs spread apart lift your hips off the ground by tightening your glutes. Do this 20 times with db resting on hip bones. (weight is optional)

Bicycles– Lying on your back bring your elbow towards your opposite leg. Alternate between sides never letting your feet touch the ground, this is a motion no returning to resting position. Do 15 on each side, 30 all together.

Circuit 2 (3 sets):

Push-ups– Get in push-up position girl or regular push-up and do 10 of these.

Rows– Standing with feet spread apart slightly and knees slightly bent bent at the waist, hold weights as if doing a deadlift. However staying bent you will pull the weights to your chest. Do this 10 times.

Plank– Get into plank position and hold for 30 seconds.

Each of these exercises can be altered and adjusted according to your ability/strength. Feedback and comments on workout Is alway welcome.

Stay Fit Bloggers,




“It’s hard for someone to love you when you don’t love yourself” Not sure who said that one but it’s been stuck in the back of my mind for awhile. It is a quote that works on so many levels whether it refers to weight, height, looks if you do not even love yourself how would you ever expect someone to love you? Self confidence is the most important quality to bring to the table in a relationship. As soon as you realize how beautiful you are inside and out it opens the gates for some to see the same. I spent today with my boyfriend driving for the majority of the day in order to find the beautiful or beautifully acclaimed town of dundas. The drive took about 4 hours and the town wasn’t even that great but the fact that I spent the day with him was all that mattered. And instead of getting pissed that I didn’t find a closer place to visit he stayed positive all day even when negativity passed overhead. All in all you need to love or learn to love yourself before anyone can ever love you back. And once you find someone make sure they are the person who stays strong for you and positive even when you are at your weakest and most negative point.