Love: Beauty in Today’s Society

Its funny isn’t it, our perception of beauty these days. Don’t you wish we could go back to the times when someone like Marilyn Monroe was seen as a sex symbol with her hourglass figure? Now we long to be like Angelina Jolie or Nicole Richie sporting their ribs as the latest trend.

It’s a dream that we all have to be thin, but thin doesn’t mean healthy. This image society forces on us is an image of heart problems, vomiting, starving, and other major health problems. The media has created a cruel ideal for young women offering eating disorders up as a trend, the latest fad. The magazines show us unrealistic photo shopped images, when they should really just display hospital beds and the real issues that stem from these false body images. Real beauty today doesn’t just consist of diet pills though its also “skin deep” as they like to say.

In todays world the prettiest thing out there is not a human being but a small stick of concealer, a tube of foundation or lip plumping serum. How can we idolize an inanimate object when every being in this world holds beauty underneath the masks? This false image of beauty creates the need to fit in the longing for the latest mascara or face powder.

Now I in no way am stating that I don’t wear makeup, because I wear as much as the next person, but I am just wondering why. While rubbing in my fit me stick and dousing my skin in foundation I thought; wow, I hold what media portrays as the key to beauty in my hand. I stared at it and thought why, why is this an image of beauty, why must I wear this to fit in?

I’m not telling you to stop wearing makeup or start eating donuts whenever you feel like it, I am just saying we need change. The perfect body image is healthy not thin, and beauty does not cost $12.99 at Shoppers Drugmart, there’s more to being beautiful and it doesn’t cost a penny.



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