Blogging: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

To My Fellow Bloggers;

No I will never claim to be a well spoken blogger, because hey I just started. However, blogging is a skill that can be crafted throughout years of ones blogging. Though I have not been a blogger for long, I have noticed from mine and others work things to do to improve my blog, as well as things not to do.

First things first,

bold, and italicize are your friends.

Do not be afraid to put emphasis where it is needed, nothing is more boring in a blog than reading something with no separation between excitement, titles, and just regular information.


Ensure you separate your ideas, just because your whole blog is about tasty recipes does not mean it should be listed one by one, add spacing and new paragraphs for new branches of the topic, so meatloaf should be a different paragraph than berry smoothies.

Keep the reader interested

Nothing is worse than reading a blog that says everything about the blog in the title or first sentence, in order to keep the reader there go through the blog slowly separating each idea throughout the blog rather than summarizing in the beginning.

Be interactive

Offer your audience a way of participating in the blog whether it be through comments, suggestions or reporting back to you on how your recipe for example worked for them, this allows the reader to feel like their input matters.


Spice up your blog by adding your own photos, songs, videos or links to emphasis or illustrate your topic. This helps to break up the writing and allows the viewer a sense of what you are talking about.


You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again there is nothing lower than stealing someones ideas and playing them off as your own. Give credit where credits deserved, no one likes a thief.


Do not ramble, explain your topic, include examples but know when to stop, Keep your ideas short and sweet. Not only will they be more interesting but easier for the reader to follow.


Spelling mistakes happen, but spell check was invented for a reason. Ensure to edit your blog, no one likes to read something by someone who didn’t have the time to check their spelling.

Unclear Topics

Be sure to emphasize what it is your post is about, and carry the topic throughout the post. Avoid switching focus halfway through.


Ensure you know what you are going to say in your blog and what the purpose of it is, you need to be clear with your information and leave the reader with the feeling that they learned and/or gained something from reading your blog.

Well there are just a few of the tips I have to share, if you have any others to add feel free to leave a comment. Keep blogging!



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