Love: Candles, Tea and Happiness

The other day I purchased 2 candles and a pack of tea from a vendor. The candles are to bring calmness, positive energy, confidence and happiness. Each one smells different and has different qualities. The tea is chakra tea and help highlight your chakras; the one I bought being third eye. After I got home today I lit both candles and made a cup of tea and sat down to read Looking for Alaska by John Green, and I must say it was not only the most peaceful time but as well the happiest I’ve been in awhile by myself. Sitting in my chair I realized I was smiling for the first time in a long time for no good reason. Now whether it be a placebo affect or the candles and tea really work, I don’t care I’m at ease and relaxed. The place where I got these is called moonflowers magical touch, it offers crystals, candles, teas and more for different chakras and feelings. The way I feel tonight is how I’d like to feel everyday from now on I just thought I’d share my experience with these products. Amazing!




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