Love: The journey to self admiration

There are many of us out there who like ourselves, or feel alright about ourselves. However, there are very few that actually love themselves. This is one task which is not only difficult to do but as well very important. It’s easy to love and admire others for their greatness and beauty, though it is much hard to love and admire ones self.

Where do we start?

Grab a paper and make a list of problems or flaws you have with yourself. You don’t have to be overly critical but if it’s fixable (and no surgery is necessary) it should be on the list.

Some examples are: anger issues, weight, time management , organization.

What next?

Next you can write beside it ways to solve these flaws and improve. For example: workout out more, eat better and so on.

The minute you begin to love yourself is the minute everything changes.


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