Favour or Flavour: the constant battle

Deciding to diet or watch what we eat is a huge decision, however for most of us its an even harder task to carry out. The problem is when we think of health we automatically assume healthy snacks and meals won’t taste as good as a Cheeseburger and Fries, but we are wrong. If eating healthy doesn’t taste good to you, then you are definitely doing it wrong. The constant battle between our stomachs and our fitness causes many of us to fall off the wagon soon after climbing aboard. Nonetheless I am going to help you find the taste you have been lacking in these healthy meals.

If you’ve ever seen or heard of Quinoa, you probably assume it’s not the greatest tasting food, well you’re right. Plain, quinoa can be kind of boring but after adding vinegar, oil, garlic and bbq sauce to it the flavour flares and is just as tasty as any food you would eat prior to your diet. Also by adding things such as olives, celery and such you can add an extra crunch to the Quinoa.

And then there’s salad, or what some may refer to as rabbit food. By adding simple things like various nuts, cheese, fruit, or vegetables you can change the flavour immensely. One of my favourites includes almonds, sunflower seeds, fresh strawberries, parmesan cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Finally there’s our basic vegetables which some of us struggle with due to lack of flavour or zest, that ends here though.  When considering mushrooms try frying them with oil and garlic, want some celery add peanut butter, and a great topping to broccoli is cheese, or cheese sauce.

These are just a few tricks to making a diet more enjoyable and easier to maintain. Now do yourself a favour and add some flavour!





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