Hey Guys,
So today I will post what my workout of the day was. You can alter weight, set or reps I just was limited to five pound weights at my place, but alter accordingly.


Leg Kicks -lying on your back with your hands by your side. Kick leg in the air keeping it straight. Do 10 on left leg and 10 on right.

Lunge Step– Get into a push-up position. Take one leg and step forward beside the same hand. Alternate legs back and forth doing 8 of each 16 all together.

Leg & Arm Reach– Get on all fours (crawling position). Lift your leg and opposite arm and reach up. Alternate between sides doing 10 on each side 20 all together.

Knee Swings– Lying on your back put your arms out to the side (horizontal). Bend knees and using your abdominal muscles swing your knees from side to side. Do 10 on each side making a total of 20.

Circuit 1 (3 sets):

Dead Lifts– Standing with legs slightly apart and knees bent slightly hold weights in each hand and slowly bend at the waist. Keeping your chest up and shoulders back move the weights down the front of your legs. Once as far as you can got come back up faster tightening glutes on the way up. Do 10 of these.

Hip Thrusts– Lying on your back with legs spread apart lift your hips off the ground by tightening your glutes. Do this 20 times with db resting on hip bones. (weight is optional)

Bicycles– Lying on your back bring your elbow towards your opposite leg. Alternate between sides never letting your feet touch the ground, this is a motion no returning to resting position. Do 15 on each side, 30 all together.

Circuit 2 (3 sets):

Push-ups– Get in push-up position girl or regular push-up and do 10 of these.

Rows– Standing with feet spread apart slightly and knees slightly bent bent at the waist, hold weights as if doing a deadlift. However staying bent you will pull the weights to your chest. Do this 10 times.

Plank– Get into plank position and hold for 30 seconds.

Each of these exercises can be altered and adjusted according to your ability/strength. Feedback and comments on workout Is alway welcome.

Stay Fit Bloggers,




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