Welcome Fellow Bloggers

to a day in the life of me. I’ll start off with an introduction, you can call me Elle, for the sake of this blog and my anonymity. I am 20 years old and love writing, fitness and social media. So hell I thought I’d put it all together on this snazzy little site. So here goes nothing. To you I may just be another boring blogger but to others I may be a voice giving inspiration, motivation and advice. So I hope to help encourage those of you who read this to stay fit and healthy. However, my focus is not just on a healthy body, but as well a healthy mind. As one who has suffered from depression like symptoms, and has hit rock bottom more than once, I want to help lift you all up from that. Guide you to a new way to live and a new mindset in which to live through. All in all I’m just a girl who has suffered for far to long not to share how I made my way through it. If you care to read more follow my blog, as well as my instagram for recipes and other fitness and health motivation. @livelovefitspire




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